Aloha Check out my blogs there are two of them:

Firstly “The Journey Into Grace” is about Grace through Gratitude and what that all means…Little spoilers OR not! Its a lead up to My Book Series “Grace” with the first book going to print April 5th 2016…Stay tuned

The Journey into Grace

Secondly “Life and Awakening Memories” is dedicated to the Master Keys Experience…Here I take a journey into MYself to step into the Hero within me…I am introduced and helped along the way by some Masters in the knowledge of ALL that was, is and will be, I even visit my FutureSelf…This is a Total Personality Make Over…

Let me know what you think by leaving me comments and feel free to share with your friends…Also IF this is a Journey you would LOVE to take drop me a message…Gratitude

Lorelei Sunshine’s Blog on Life and Awakening Memories